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Get ready doomsday preppers! Zombie Survival City Game is a clicker idle game and it will be one of your favorite end of the world games. Zombies are acting like humans this time. They need to survive and for them it’s doomsday survival. Every human wants them out and they won’t let that happen. YOU will help them survive by creating tons of zombies to conquer the world. Soon you’ll see these zombies mutate and no humans, animals or even dead walkers can survive. Build a way a city of zombies, for zombie and only for ZOMBIES! Alas! Zombies will rule the world one day and humans aren’t going to notice that it’s already happening. Oh yes, Golden Brain Zombie is behind all these secret armies for DESTRUCTION but he needs YOUR help! Golden Brain Zombie is the supreme leader and mastermind of all the idle army zombies. With your help he builds an army of Zombies to take over humans and get their brains on the Zombie Headquarters. Zombies love to eat BRAINS!Get on the zombies side and save yourself.The Zombie Survival City is an idle game, your epic idle clicker game, is where the zombies are trained, fed and given shelter. It’s a game of strategy and how you manage your fortress and keep those humans away from you. For the zombies to be able to work efficiently they need Pills to gain human intellectual so they can do well in their training and work at the HQ. You are going to tap build, tap idle, tap profit.Tap strategically to build your underground zombie HQ then tap some more to expand it with more rooms and upgrades. Hire zombie managers to make sure your army is training and not just sleeping. Why you when you have idle manager to hire while you’re sleeping and having fun? The bigger your bunker, your idle factory of zombies, the more zombies you can train, and the more pills you make. Keep tapping and watch as your army grows and becomes more powerful!Features:💊Manage your own room and automate the workflow in your HQ and get more idle cash💊Your idle factory rooms will continue run, even when you’re offline from the game💊Invest your idle cash and boost your income! How cool is that? Your best cash game!💊Get ready to prestige! Get more idle profit and you use your idle resources wisely!💊Get elite Zombies to operate. The best you can get from the best idle builder!💊Use your Golden Brains to improve and sell them at a higher price! More Idle profit, yay!💊Open the game frequently and get free Golden Brains. 💊Manage up to 10 idle bunker rooms and work that idle brain of yours💊In-App purchase available💊You only need internet connection when you want to watch ads to double your income.Don’t let the humans know the secret, you don’t want them to push the big red button and wipe out your friends. Zombie Survival City Game shows you different zombie characters that act like humans, of course, they’re cute in their own way but beware they can snatch your cat. Watch out for future updates. We’re not done yet. It’s a long road to invasion and destruction, so check in regularly. Be aware doomsday preppers out there, the zombies will have their revenge! Prepare for the Armageddon! This idle game is free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money.

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How to use

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