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Round based online only strategic economy game MMOG with PvP und Coopelements.No prior knowledge of famous paintings and painters required.The year is 1916. World War I is raging and many famous paintings of wellknown artists have vanished in the turmoils of war and have been scatteredall over the world. Art enthusiasts from any corner of the world have madetheir business to complete their collections. And you are one of them!The only problem is the limited availability of financial resources neededto acquire the expensive pieces of art in auctions. In order to makemoney you have to decide whether you would rather be a plantation ownergrowing, harvesting, shipping and selling different crops or whether youwould rather like to try your luck with stock speculations.If neither of both ways leads to a great fortune there is still the optionto attack and rob your opponents. But be aware that those who have moneywill probably know how to protect themselves.However, the ones with the greatest wealth will have the best chances towin the auctions of famous paintings by painters like Vermeer or Van Gogh.The first to complete a collection wins the round! Unfortunately there aremany forgery on the market, so that you can only be certain about aspecific painting after getting an expertise.Vermeer-Mobile is a homage to a similar game from the 1980s for the C64,enhanced by PvP and Coop elements. The game is in an early state ofdevelopment is being constantly worked upon.[GAME ROUNDS]A game round always starts at the 1st of January 1916. It ends when aplayer or a gallery owns a complete set of original paintings of onepainter. Then all players begin from zero again and all resources arereset. The only thing that remains across all game rounds is a leaderboard which contains the points earned for the players’ achievements.[COOP]When a player owns 3 paintings he cannot travel anymore. But traveling isan fundamental ability. So, in order to put some of his paintings into agallery the player will either have to found a gallery or become a partnerof an existing gallery. Up to 7 players can be partners of a singlegallery and try to win the round together. So grab some friends and offyou go![PvP]Since there are more players than collections of paintings (the owner of acomplete collection wins the round), you will sooner or later face theproblem that other players are in possession of a painting which you aremissing in your collection. No problem! Develop your own criminalorganization with as many members as you are able to manage. You canassign different tasks to each member, e.g. sabotaging other players’plantations, robbing their harvest and much more. One of the missions is,of course, stealing paintings from other players. It is also possible touse your members defensively and then confrontations are inevitable.[PRIVATE GAMES]Just start a game (world) for yourself or invite only friends to your game.App-PermissionsThe permission to read/write your memory is needed only if you want toupload a profile picture. Permission to set an alarm is only needed if youwould like the app to set alarms for upcoming auctions. This uses thedefault timer app that is installed on your device.

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