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Easy game for kids. Challenge with friends in a fun multiplayer strategy game filled with crystals and numbers. Challenge your friends in 2-player mode or play single-player. A simple math game for kids. The game is filled with funny reactions. Game features epic gems and mojos to boost your score and trick your friends! Tap numbers to feed the monster powerful crystals and see who has the highest score! ——————————————————————————————Start with a silver crystal and work your way up to Diamonds!🌟 Use Power Crystals to Win! 🌟- Uranium- Half of your opponent’s points will vanish in the round it is played. It will leave them yelling “where are my points going?”.- Fire: This isn’t any ordinary crystal, it’s going to burn!! Leave your opponent angry, and destroy their mojo points!.- Icicle: Freeze your opponent’s character just for laughs!!! Because why not! Watch their character helplessly get hit with crystals. They will not receive any Mojo points.- Dark: The ultimate power that will affect all rounds of the game. Make your opponent turn dark and miserable. Watch them lose a point for EVERY second they don’t pick their next number. The challenge is real!!!🌟 Use Trickeries to Destroy your Friends! 🌟- Reveal: Secretly reveals opponents number, after they have chosen a number for the round. – Doubler: Doubles your number. If you play 10 while using double, then it will become 20 on the seesaw!- Equal: Turns your opponent’s crystal the same as the number you played in the round Hint: Turn your opponents 10 crystal into a 1, if you play 1 while using the Equal power.

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How to use

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