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Hello dear players,Tamerlane Chess is an advanced version of classic chess. Tamerlane Chess, which has a very old history, was developed by Timurlenk, the emperor of the Timurid State. Tamerlane developed Chess because classical chess seemed simple to him.Different features from classical chess:1- The board is 10×11 in size and there are 2 inner castles.2- There are 56 stones in total at the beginning of the game and there is another king-equivalent stone named prince that is included in the game later.3- Unlike classical chess, dabbabah, camel, giraffe, pioneer and minister stones were added.4- While some of the piece moves are the same with classical chess, some of them differ.5- Each piece has a pawn.Stone Movements:Rook: Moves unlimitedly both horizontally and vertically. He cannot jump over pieces.Knight: moves 1 square horizontally, 2 frames vertically, or 1 square vertical 2 frames horizontally. It can jump over other pieces.Bishop: Moves only to the second square across it. It cannot jump over other pieces.Queen: A horizontal and vertical square advances.King: It moves one square in each direction.Minister: A diagonal square moves forward.Spearhead: Bypassing the first square, the cross moves without limit. It cannot jump over other pieces.Camel: 1 square diagonal 2 squares straight ahead. It can jump over other pieces.Dabbabah: Moves vertically and horizontally to the second square. It can jump over other pieces.Pawns: One square moves straight. He can take the stone next to him. He cannot move back.Prince: It moves one square in all directions.Giraffe: After 1 square diagonal 2 squares moves straight ahead, it moves unlimited from the 3rd frame. It cannot jump over other pieces.For Detailed Rule Explanation:http://www.tamerlanechess.comGame Features:1- 2D and 3D image modes.2- 5 different 3D angles.3- 7 levels of difficulty.4- Game mode against artificial intelligence.5- Two player game mode.6- Artificial intelligence game mode against artificial intelligence.7- Online mode to play against random opponents from anywhere in the world.8- Play online mode with your friend.9- Chat feature.10- Game tutorial module.11- Move the stone by touching and draggingTo play from your web browser:http://www.tamerlanechess.com/playPlease let us know your suggestions and requests:talosbilisim@gmail.comEnjoyable games …

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To use Tamerlane Chess hack, please follow the instructions below carefully:

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