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Electric Man and Stickman must defeat their opponents to prove that they are the most powerful being in the universe. In this fight, you have to use impressive skills to challenge. Electric man with different fighting skills is a game that everyone can love with both exciting and playability ( no energy required)!It is also one of the most popular games in the world because it is easy to play and exciting. In this stick man game, you can make classy fighting moves on your enemies and smash your opponents!The Stickman’s greatest talent here is that he is different from enemies and has incredible fighting skills. The other biggest difference is that it’s electric. He has 4 excellent fighting skills.Electric man wants to prove his strength in combat. Who knows, maybe the best of the garbage men! Stickman, electric man, definitely doesn’t have weapons! Start playing this game now with different fighting skills of your enemy character and stick man! Electric man is preparing to prove himself in the best fighting games in the stickman universe!Features:- Easy Key Combination- Cool graphics- Relaxing Fighting Skills-War- Easy sections- More convenient menu designs- Ability to use Stickman’s fighting skills without requiring energy- The most relaxing fighting game!Fighting skills that our main character contains:Punch & kick – double kick in the air-high energy kickingRecommendations:Punch & Kick:In fact, you can advance to the end of this fighting game with a punch and kick that completes the game. It is mandatory to use mainly punches and kicks. It’s a must-have fighting act in fighting games.Stickman so enemies need to be close to you. You may need to use this movement continuously as long as they are close. You can take advantage of this fighting skill very quickly.In some rounds, the use of this fighting skill may be restricted. Double Kick In The Air:This fighting action is essential! If you are in a difficult situation, you may need to use this movement. You can instantly knock down enemies from both right and left!It is one of the excellent fighting skills not found in Stick war or stickman games. While electric man is fighting with any enemy, the enemy coming from behind and in front of himit’s the only way to defeat the enemy and get rid of him.Kicking Kicks:Maybe it could be stick man: kick kicks that everyone likes. With a significant amount of energy, you can throw enemies up to the wall with kicks. That’s his greatest trait, half the life of the enemyit can land up to! There are two different kicks on the C key. A different fighting skill is used according to the proximity of the enemy. Suggestion : if you want to apply the kick kick to the enemy character;Apply this skill with the electric man facing the right part. Otherwise, enemy characters may not be exposed to this skill. Buddha is an important clue. Electric man, i.e. stick man: (War), is an entity with special abilities. Are you ready to overthrow enemy characters?

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