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You can measure the judgment of the stereogram a game.

Sometimes vision is restored.────────────────────Features────────────────────■ stereo grams and isDrawn diagrams and pictures to the depicted plane to have a three-dimensional impression.The focus of the eyes can be seen in three dimensions by intentionally matched by shifting back and forth. Also referred to as a three-dimensional image.■ random dot stereogramIt’s image that can not be seen only as seemingly noise, but it is an image that emerges is three-dimensional Taken together, well focus.■ practice way as with respect to stereo grams please refer to the following Wiki.Wikipedia stereogram────────────────────How to play────────────────────■ rules· Read the number that pops up stereogram practice how to reference.· The read the same number as the number to select the number that appears at the bottom.· Please tap the color of as soon as possible correct answer.· Since the game score is countdown, please tap the number of correct answers before they become 0.· Remaining game score will be added to the total score.■ game screen display· Total scoreRemaining game score when you clear will be added.· Game countSurface will proceed Clearing.· Game ScoreTime spent in the game will be displayed as a score.■ game level of · EasyPlease tap the correct answer within 20 seconds.1 – 10 of problem appears.Guide to match the view appears.· NormalPlease tap the correct answer within 20 seconds.1 – 25 of problem appears.Guide to match the view appears.· HardPlease tap the correct answer within 15 seconds.1 – 25 of problem appears.Guide to match the perspective does not appear.I’s Free, so try.

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