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What makes this game different to other Tower Defence games?Secure This (Tower Defence) has you setting up a range of strange turrets in a number of different houses and buildings to defend them against a thief. Keep the thief in the house long enough for the police (The Popo) to arrive and arrest him! Don’t run out of money though, or you’re clients will be unhappy and you’ll fail the level! Also, every bit of cash you save you keep to spend on whatever you like. Assuming whatever you like is turret upgrades, or hats to dress the thief in… I recommend the turret upgrades myself but each to their own!Are the graphics cute? Are there enough animals?Oh yes! Of course! Another thing that sets Secure This (Tower Defence) apart from other Tower Defence games is the number of cute animals involved: The bad guy is a wolf (and a thief), you take orders from an owl, the police officer is a pig and the turret upgrade shop is run by a parrot. Don’t think that’s enough animals? Fair enough. Did I mention there’s a detective who’s a toad?Bet there are ads. There are ads aren’t there?Nope! – Secure This (Tower Defence) has no ads and it’s an offline game! Good eh!But really… It’s just another tower defence game right?No! It really is not just any tower defence game! It’s actually not really a tower defence game at all… There are turrets, sure, but there is only one enemy and instead of destroying him, you’re tasked with keeping him trapped in the house you’re defending while the police are on their way! What kinda turrets are there?You can defend the house with the Goop Gun which slows the thief, the Coin Cannon which takes money from the thief but costs money to use, the Lasso Launcher which traps the thief for a short time, the Money Magnet which takes money from the thief without costing anything to run and the Expulsion Engine which teleports the thief back outside the building! Of course, each turret is upgradable in the turret upgrade shop.Got levels though?Yes indeed! There are more than 20 levels set over more than 5 buildings and I’ll be adding more! Some levels rely more on Money Magnet turrets, other levels rely much more heavily on Lasso Launcher turrets, but there are many ways to complete each level.Surely you haven’t got a story as well?How did you know about the story? Yes! There is a bit of a storyline! Click on the character in the top right corner of the screen and he/she will reveal a little more of the humorous story. Unlock more levels to unlock more storyline!Hats?Of course.Note: All drawings, animations, music, coding and some of the sound effects are done by one guy (me). Oh, and this is the first and only game I’ve ever made!

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