Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi

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Each round of this game involves 4 players. At the end of the game one will be declared as King, another Minister and rest two are Thief and Police. There are two types of games – 1. Multi-player2. Single PlayerMulti-Player game:* This game needs 4 players to play* This game also requires you switch on notifications for this gameSingle Player game:* This game also involves 4 players but it can be played by one person alone* Other 3 players are generated by systemHow to Play:* At the start of the game, each person will know its role but it will not be revealed to others.* King has to reveal himself first and ask Minister to reveal him then.* Minister will then have 30 seconds to find out the thief between rest 2 players. If he clicks on the correct card which is thief’s card within time, he wins and gets the point. Else, Thief wins and minister scores a 0.At the end, Each player will score according to the rules below:1. King will get 10002. Minister – 0 or 800 depending on if guess is correct3. Thief – 0 if Minister’s guess is correct else 8004. Police – 500You can play as many rounds as you want and then click on Exit to finish the game.Language Support:This app supports two languages, which can be changed from Settings1. English (default)2. Hindi

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How to use

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