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This is a classic tower defense game.Terrible zombies is about to invade your home. Use your variety of plants to against different types of zombies before they break down your door.You’ll use your strategy to arrange the plants to stop the zombies.There are adventure mode and 9 mini-games in this game. Each mini-game has 8 unlocked levels.[Adventure]You start out in a daytime level and progresses to nighttime levels, where the gameplay is more challenging without any replenishing sun unless specific plants are used.At the beginning of each level, you can select which plants you’d like to take into the level.You starts with two plants and two plant slots. The plants and the slots will be increased through each level. There are 30 different plants and up to 10 plant slots.The playing area is divided into 5 horizontal lanes, a zombie will only move towards your house along one lane.In the game, you place different types of plants, each with their own unique capabilities, around a house, in order to stop a horde of zombies from reaching your house. Planting costs “sun”, which can be gathered for free during daytime levels, or getting by planting certain plants or fungi.If a zombie reaches the end of a lane, a lawnmower will move forward and destroy all the zombies in that lane. However, if a zombie reaches the end of that same lane for a second time, the game will end.[Mini-Games]There are 8 levels in each mini game.- Light Up StarsTo complete a level, you have to fill up certain spaces with Starfruit.You can only plant Starfruit in the marked spaces. How to select the right plants and use the limited space to place plants is the challenge.- Slot MachineThe trick of this mini game is that instead of placing plants in a normal fashion, a slot machine deploys your artillery.The machine can dispatch different plants set in each level. Thus, this mini game is a form of gambling as luck is heavily involved.An endless barrage of zombies will infiltrate the lawn. This will continue until the you collects enough sun to reach the goal of the level.- Little ZombieThe zombies in this mini game are shrunken. All of the zombies are mini-zombies!But what they lack in size they make up for in numbers. You’ll have to fend off a ton of these little guys. We are given the plants by a conveyor belt at the left of the screen. We’ll have different plants set in each level.Always be sure to save your bombs for the big waves.- Last StandYou must survive 3~5 rounds to complete a level. You can select 10 plants at the beginning, and then not allowed to change between two rounds.You cannot select any sun producing plants. However, you will have 3000~5000 sun in the beginning of a level and you will earn extra 250 sun after each round.- Zombie QuickThis game runs at twice as fast as the normal levels. This includes the speed and rate/pace of both zombies, plants, plants’ projectiles, falling sun, and plant’s recharge.- Invisible ZombiesThis mini-game can be tough because you don’t know where the zombies are.We are given the plants by the magic conveyor belt again at the left of the screen.We’ll also have different plants set in each level.Try to identify where the zombies are by using the ice-shroom, or other shooters.- BowlingUse Tree, Palm Tree, and Tomato Bomb to attack zombies by placing them behind the white line and rolling them towards zombies. When a Tree hits a zombie, it will roll away at an angle, possibly hitting more zombies. Occasionally, the conveyor belt will bring tomato bomb, which will explode when hit zombies, and blow zombies in an area.- Push PumpkinControl zombie to push all pumpkins into the targets. You can only push, but can’t pull.- DotmanNavigate Piranha flower through a maze with various dots, and four colored zombies.Eat all dots to complete a level.Plants Battle II is an easy-to-play but challenging game.All levels are unlocked. Download now and enjoy it!

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