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★NrealTower is the first AR Game to play on AR Glasses, Nreal light, tethered to your smartphone.★★Team up in the mixed world where physical and virtual objects intertwine to defend the Nreal planet from the attack of alien army★Million miles away from earth , there is a planet called Nreal, a wonderland rich in blue diamonds in the universe. After many years of peaceful lives, the place is now warned to be attacked by an alien army led by the big boss “Whale Smith” for the blue diamonds. They are now on the way to the land through a teleporting blackhole. RISE UP! Let’s defend the territories together and fight back the alien monsters! FEATURES OF NrealTowerMarker scan to the planetJoin the battleground by scanning the physical marker with Nreal light and you will be teleported to the planet immediately with the 3D scene shown in your field of view. Defend the tower against the enemy attackMonsters are teleporting from a blackhole, attacking from everywhere, flying in the sky, landing on the ground to invade the land. Warriors need to fly till the end when the big boss “Whale Smith” comes out and defeat it together! Weapon choices for shootingAlien Monsters are coming! Choose your best weapon and shoot down the monsters before it’s too late! You have 3 weapons to choose:1. Bubble Gun: equipped to reducing the speed of monsters.2. Bullet Gun: equipped for fast killing with the highest damage, aiming one monster each.3. Arrow Crossbow: equipped to damaging a group of monsters, AOE kind of weapon. Multiplayer/Team up with friends and players worldwideTeamwork makes the dream work! Team up with friends offline by scanning QR code or team up with players around the world by joining the same room to fight against the monsters and share the glory together! NOTEThe app requires:- Phone compatible with Nreal light – System: Android 8.0 or higher- Marker: – Print out the Marker on A3 paper – You can download the Marker from: Internet: – Offline mode needs players to be the same LAN network – Online mode needs multi-player to connect with WLAN internet – Server end: Players can select server area before playing the game and choose the best performance serverFor any question or suggestion, feel free to let us know. We are very much welcome to hear from you.Please contact with any inquiry or feedback.

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How to use

To use NrealTower hack, please follow the instructions below carefully:

  • Click the button below to use our free Online App/Game hack tool.

  • Enter Your Username or Email, then click Connect

  • Choose the game resources you want to generate
  • Then, click on the “submit” button
  • Wait for some time while the server processes your request
  • If you see the “Verify Now” button, that means your resources have been generated. All you have to do is complete the simple verification by clicking the “Verify Now” button
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