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My Tubi is the only virtual pet game in which you can raise real youtubers such as elrubiusOMG, Fernanfloo, byViruZz and Paula Gonu.The topmost combination between a virtual pet and a competitive online trading card game. Bring up real youtubers and increase their stats to fight duels against other players. With My Tubi you can now take control over the evolution of your favourite content creators!Official licensed top content creatorsChoose your favourite Tubi among elrubiusOMG, Fernanfloo, byViruZz and Paula Gonu. You can also select four other fictitious iconic characters such as Gatete, Goblin, Nuck Chorris and Dummy Boy.Virtual PetHatch an egg to discover which Tubi is inside. Take care of their essential needs as you train them for battle. Feed your Tubi and keep them clean, happy and relaxed.Online Trading Cards FightingCompete in cards duels against other users to entertain your Tubi and become the biggest champion ever. Unlock new items and modes while you move up upon the world ranks. FeaturesReal youtubers. Play with elrubiusOMG, Fernanfloo, byViruZz and Paula Gonu.Virtual pet. Choose your favourite Tubi, breed it and evolve it. Customization. Decor your room and dress your Tubi as you wish. Online duels. Compete in a trading card game against other users.Social ranking. Try to keep your Tubi in the top ranks.Management. Collect items to improve your inventory and get new visuals.

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How to use

To use My Tubi hack, please follow the instructions below carefully:

  • Click on the “Copy” button below once to copy the link of our free Online Game hack tool.


  • Paste the copied link into your browser’s address bar and visit the link to access our Online Game Hack tool for free.

  • Choose the game resources you want to generate
  • Then, click on the “submit” button
  • Wait for some time while the server processes your request
  • If you see the “Verify Now” button, that means your resources have been generated. All you have to do is complete the simple verification by clicking the “Verify Now” button
  • That’s it, now check your app or game to see the generated resources

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