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Play Minesweeper Evolution which offers a classic version with the only mode and several game modes that allow you to challenge the computer, create your mine grid to challenge a friend.*Only mode:You want a grid containing hidden mines. By clicking on a case which does not contain me you have an indication which appears indicating the number of mines being in the cases (8 at most) which surround it. Thanks to the indications given by these figures, you can deduce the position of the mines. A long click will mark a case containing a mine. The object of the game is to mark all the cases containing mines without activating them, watch the timer. The mine counter at the top shows how many mines you have left to find. The stopwatch at the top right shows your time. There are three difficulty levels: Beginner, Medium and Expert. *Challenge mode:Have you always dreamed of creating a grid that your friends will never be able to solve 😈? This is now possible with the challenge mode. Place the mines on the cases you want by clicking on the case. Have you got the wrong case? No problem, click on the box again to remove the mine. Remember to save the grid after placing all the mines. On the list of grids you can delete one or choose one to challenge your friend.*🖥 VS 👤 mode :Which of you or the computer will be declared the winner? Only one way to find out by playing the 🖥 VS 👤 mode. The first one who falls on a mine has lost. Attention: In this mode you do not have the possibility of marking the mines with a long click.

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