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○1 Basic Battle SystemCharacters use three basic magic to attack: Alchemy, Holy Magic and Curse. Alchemy defeats Holy Magic, Holy Magic defeats Curse and Curse defeats Alchemy. It follows the basic rules of “Scissor, Paper, Stone”. When HP of player becomes 0, game over.However, the biggest difference is, the available number of magic in our game is limited. The player can only use 10 times of each type of magic and there are several battles in the game. At the same time, different enemy will have different attack pattern. Hence, the player needs to take account of the remaining number of magic during battle while deducing the attack pattern of enemy. This system makes this game depends more on strategy.However, it makes the game too hard for player and luck is still a very important factor. To solve this, we introduce skill system into the battle.○2 Skill SystemBesides basic magic, player can also use skills. Every skill corresponds to one magic. For example, heal corresponds to Holy Magic. This means it will also be defeated by Alchemy. However, every skill will have its own effect. By using these skills wisely, player can gain advantage in battle. As skills can be used equivalently as magic, it also alleviates the problem of limited available number of magic.There are 2 types of skills. One is called teammate skill. Such skills can only be used once. However, after battle, the number of skill will be resumed. It means the skill will be available throughout the game. It can be gained from story.The other is gained from the battle with monster. This kind of skill can be used as many times as player wants in one battle, but it will not be resumed after battle. The skills from boss is much more powerful but they can only be gained once. The total number of skill available in the game will also be limited so this encourages player to use skills wisely.Different enemy will also use different skills, especially boss. This will make battles more unexpected than a simple “Scissor, Paper, Stone” game.○3 Story SystemThe game has a storyline. As story goes on, player will need to make several choices. The choice will lead to unnecessary battles or unexpected rewards. This will add more fun to the game.Overall, the core of our game system is limiting the resource available for player so that every action of player will cast some effects on the following battles. Although it is warped as a role-playing game, the focus of the game is more like a strategic game.

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