Make your Android phone faster.

5 Best Tips & Tricks To Make Your Android Phone Faster. [100% Working]

Almost every Android phone users (including me) have one question on their mind…

“How To Make my Android Phone Faster?” or “How To Improve Performance of My Android Phone?”.

If you have the same question on your mind, then don’t worry, You are not alone.

I even made my mind to switch to an iPhone. And the only reason was “Slow & Laggy Phone”. However, I couldn’t switch to an iPhone, because I have been using Android OS for years and I preferred not to use an iPhone.

Instead, I researched and tested tons of ways to make my Android Phone faster. And the result I get was simply AMAZING!

My Android phone which used to work like a snail turned into a Cheetah!

Yea! Surprisingly Faster!

And today, I am going to share everything I had tried and tested to make my Android Phone Faster. And It works for any Android phone. Even If you are a mobile gamer, then these tips will give you instant results.

So, Let’s get started:

5 Working Tips To Make Your Android Phone Faster

Use The Liter Version Of Apps

Use The Liter Version Of Apps

The first thing you wanna do is switch to a lighter version of apps. Popular apps like Messenger & Facebook have a lighter version of the apps.

The full version of the apps is bigger in size & keeps running on the background which hugely impacts the performance of your device.

Best part?

The apps are smaller in size which takes less space on your phone. And even better, the lighter version works exactly like the full version of the app.

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You can even switch to the web version of the app by accessing the web version of the app on a browser.

This will save tons of space on your phone and reduces the stress on your device.

And the result is a huge boost in performance.

Update Your Phone, Regularly

Update your phone regularly

Updating your phone is the best way to make your Android phone faster. Most of the phone vendors occasionally release updates to add new features and improve the performance of the device.

You can check the setting and phone updates to see the available updates. You can also change the setting to update your phone automatically.

Alternatively, You can even head over to custom ROMs if your phone didn’t have any updates.

A Simple Restart is All You Need

Restart your phone

Suppose, you are working 24/7 continuously without any sleep. How do you feel?

Your answer may be, Tired and exhausted!

The same thing goes with your phone as well. If you keep using your phone for days, it’s obvious it will get laggy. So, sometimes a simple restart will keep all running background processes and give an instant performance boost.

So, try it out and see the result.

Clear Cached App Data

Clear Cached App Data

Cached data are supposed to make the app load faster and it does that exactly. However, over time, the data builds up and takes a lot of storage. This can ultimately make your phone slow and laggy.

You can delete the cached data for the apps and free up some space. This should make your phone faster.  It works for me every time. Try it out!

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Uninstall Unused Apps

Uninstall Unused Apps

Some people like to keep their phone full of apps that they have never used in ages. Even, I used to do the same. It was like a giant mess. Firstly, These apps take a lot of your space and some of the apps run on the background and make your phones more slowish.

I mean, if you don’t use the apps, why do we have to keep it to make our phone laggier. Right?

So, the best way to make your phone faster is to delete those apps straight away.

Trust me, you will see a performance boost.


So, there you go! 5 tips to speed up your android phone. These are the tips, I used to make my Android phone faster. If you have noticed, I never suggested using the so-called “Android Phone Booster” apps. And the reason is ” They are nothing but a bunch of performance-hungry apps which make your phone laggier.” Don’t use those apps!

And apply these tips, These worked for me and I am sure It works on pretty much every android phone.

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