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It’s wartime, time to build a fortress, defend your land, train a formidable army, and create an impregnable kingdom to enemies and invaders. With Koolga, it doesn’t get groovy and tactical than this. Are you ready?!!!Thinkers do it best. Koolga is a turn-based tactic and strategy game brought to you by iRobot Games studio. Well-crafted to bring reality to gaming, in this creative masterpiece, your kingdom’s destiny lies on your shoulder. Are you ready to answer the clarion call and engrave your legendary in minds and rocks? Features:Build your army base: Start by building a formidable army using resources you gather as you go. The more bonuses you earn, the more resources at your disposal to become the superior powerOutsmart your enemies: Combine planned moves and tactics as you defend your kingdom and land from enemies and invaders. Create an epic tactic with a unique squad strategy as you navigate your troop to conquer the enemy. Real-time combat: Engage enemies in a real-time clash and heads-on battle. The fastest thinker; quickest finger wins the conquest. Super Intuitive play: Get in the flow in no time and get the full hang by intuitive on-screen control that takes less time to master. Map gaming: Master the map to plan, thwart and smartly predict possible attack regions and establish your dominion. Use your troop to conquer the map. Rule the competition: plan your attack and defense using your team prowess and cognitive ability to outsmart your enemies. Gameplay:Buildings: Build your city to impress friend when they come visiting, each with unique functions and features. You can start recruiting your army in the castle while the town is the major hub of gold production with many buildings. Enemies will want to attack and invade.Gaming AI: The game AI evaluates your current level performance, gather the matching troops to engage you in battles, and maximize resources to edge you over. Will you succumb?Campaign: There are 12 levels overall in the game, with a new unit introduced at each level. For each level, there is the main goal that must be achieved to complete the level. Also, other side tasks can earn you extra bonuses and can be used to upgrade your troops.Map editor: You can use the in-app editor to create unique maps and campaigns and then share it with other players.Geographies: From land, swamp, valleys, and more, the game comes with multiple geographies, each with a peculiar approach for attacking and defending. Lead your troop to combat on different terrain.Reward: Based on your performance, collect stars as you proceed and get more gems for unlocking troops and buildings. Upgrading your troops and armies makes them more powerful and formidable. Multiplayer: You can play against the computer or a friend. Battle against AI on a skirmish map designed by you.This game requires devices with at least 1Gb of Memory.

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