iOS Widgets for KWGT apk Free Download

Are you looking for iOS widgets for KWGT apk free download? If yes, then you are in the right place.

The price of the app is $0.96 but we are giving the app pro version for free in this post.

So, let’s get started:

What are iOS widgets for KWGT?

iOS Widgets for KWGTiOS widgets for KWGT are a custom package for the app called KWGT which is a widget creator app. So, this is not a standalone app but a custom pack for the KWGT pro app.

Note: You must have the pro version of the KWGT app before using this custom pack. If you don’t have KWGT pro then you can get it for free here.

By using iOS widgets for KWGT, you can get 18+ iOS widgets along with different widgets.  You can also get both light and dark versions of the app.

Some of the widgets include:

  1. Weather widgets
  2. Calendar widget
  3. Battery widget
  4. Time widget
  5. Fitness widget
  6. News widget
  7. Gallery slideshow widget
  8. Notes widget
    More to come!

How to Download the ‘iOS widgets for KWGT ‘ app?

To download iOS widgets for KWGT, simply click the download button and follow the instructions to get it for free.


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