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Play a completely new Hungry Chicks with 50 new levels and 150 new challenges. Experience the Hungry Chicks empire like never before with this huge update and get a unique gaming experience among idyllic mountains, meadows and farms! But be warned, the enemy has used the intervening time to rally and has summoned his generals, who must be defeated in thrilling boss battles to complete a chapter! However, your units have also trained and now have new abilities that are gained throughout the game and give you advantages in fighting your opponents. By killing enemies, your chicks gain veteran levels and become stronger and stronger as they make their way to the enemy’s stable until no enemy can stop them! The healing powerups dropped by defeated enemies and the redesigned feed tower will also help you to follow this path and bring your units to their destination! To make the fight against the food thieves even more enjoyable, we’ve also added many graphical improvements, such as new explosions, talking chickens, new sound effects & animations, a better user interface & a more intuitive menu, better combat, food & round mechanics and much more!So join the Hungry Chicks community today, because fame, glory and most of all food is waiting for you!FIGHT WITH UNIQUE CHICKEN UNITS:• Stable Guard, defends the stable and throws deadly egg bombs!• Ninja, fast, sword-armed melee fighters who storm forward and help you move the front line!• Grenadier, egg-shooting ranged fighters with multi-shot capability to keep enemy units at a distance!• Knight, strong melee fighters with a shield against bazooka shots and balloon bombs. Place them well to protect your other units!• Balloon, throws egg bombs at enemies below and drops life-enhancing healing eggs to refresh troops’ health!• Sorcerer, sets the world on fire by activating his Firestorm and makes defeated enemies explode!DIVE INTO A UNIQUE WORLD:• Return to your barn between battles and manage your chicks!• Play on your farm in lovingly drawn comic style!• Don’t be fooled by the rural idyll between the mountains, windmills, fences and heaps of straw. The enemy knows no mercy!• Conquer and destroy the enemy’s stable to get the stolen food!FEATURES:• 6 unique classes (Stable Guard, Ninja, Knight, Balloon, Grenadier, Sorcerer)!• Each class has its own passive skills & special abilities!• Connect to Facebook or Google and store your progress in the cloud!• Attractive graphics in comic style!• Earn food to upgrade your chickens!• Each level increase makes you more powerful!• Troop selection at the beginning of each round!• Family-friendly: suitable for children, women, men!• Tower Defense Game!• Free and exciting!• Unit and object movements use real physics!• Play, fun, excitement: Quality made in Germany!

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How to use

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