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This city has become another sin city. You can see people shooting, robbing, stealing on the streets. The corrupted government is also gradually incompetent. In the face of various crimes, even the police are hiding behind without serving the justice. The vulnerable can only live in ghettos desperately, suffering from oppression and bullying. Drugs no longer only exist in the world of adults, they can be found in schools and families. Evil breeds in this cruel and ruthless world, a world of crime. In this city, gunfights between street gangsters are full of violence and conspiracy. These thugs burn and plunder everywhere they go. But those mafia bosses and gang leaders have given up their principles to live a luxurious life full of lust and greed. Born in a conventional gang street, you should know that crimes can also be orderly, because without order, there is no future!Among the new generations, you are underestimated. However, the good thing is, you are smart enough, and you are familiar with all kinds of new criminal means. You will be the chosen one. Only you can reclaim the order and glory of crime! There is no glory in crime nowadays. We need a new leader to organize. Come forward, young man! Compete with millions of players around the world! Lead your gang to conquer the world of crime and build your reputation.When the corrupted government chose to confront peaceful protests by sending armies. You can only get justice by allying with your brothers and sisters to win the position of Governor, who owns the ultimate power!Use this SLG game to improve your leadership skills, organize your gangsters, and unite other gangs to build an empire of crime under a complex and interesting environment. You will be able to change this world one day!Gang gunfights, street fights, car robbery, family revenge. This is not San Andreas, but here you can experience more realistic and exciting criminal activities.Determined to be the godfather of gangs, you need courage and wisdom to lead your gang to build a great underworld and become a respectable gang boss.- Unprecedented themes for mobile games. In this game, we have cryptocoin, weed farm, chemistry RV from the Breaking Bad, and also the great invention — Mexico Tunnels. Come and experience the real crimes!- Stick together with your gang family and build the biggest empire of crime of all time!- The first mobile game that features different continents, colors, and contention with other players for the ultimate glory!- This is a real-time online game. Here you can communicate, contend, and cooperate with players around the world.- You will have private islands, airports, and magnificent mansions. More importantly, you will be respected and admired by your loyal gangsters!- Further adventures in finance and felony. Dance with the circular saw. It’s not a problem to get a big deal. Come and grab cash with your own hands!Accessory system and Supreme Jewels. Meet countless beautiful girls and give them fancy jewels, and you can get amazing buffs in return!- Build a new world of crime. Killers, Hackers and Vehicles. You will need them all!- Cross server battle, battle vehicle system, equipment system and much more are coming soon!Download now and join the world of crime! You should be proud of your families, neighborhood and even your color! Win your respect and glory with your brothers and sisters in the chaotic world of crime!

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