Empire Naval War

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Empire Naval War is a Strategy Wargame set amidst the epic naval campaigns in the medieval. Taking the role of a famous commander, you will be at the heart of the historical battles and events.⚔️Game Features⚔️Assemble your team of Mightiest CaptainsOver 50+ Legendary Captains are the souls of historical navy vessels in the medieval for you to command. Will you lead them to victory?Build your fleet: Success on the high seasGrow your fleet from a small squadron of unrated ships to a fearsome battle fleet complete with powerful ships-of-the-line. Customize your formation to create a fleet that fits your tactical doctrine.Win the main medieval battles!Become the greatest ConquerorJoin the War! PvP all the time! Assemble your Clan and enter the Front-lines, Sunk the enemy ship!Raid Ports, Take Royal Cities and Gain reputation and promotions: Participating in battles you will receive an experience that will allow you to develop your admiral. Sail into battle with your AlliesStrike and counterattack with your guild-mates. Prepare tactics for the ultimate clash!*User SupportMy Commander, if you have any feedback then please send us a message at Support@amusement.ai

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