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Dwindle is a turn-based strategy game that can be played on a mobile device or in the browser against a computer or other people. A new kind of challenge. Dwindle has a novel game mechanic. Take turns moving a shared location chit around the board. Each move is governed by the tile of origin and each move eliminates the tile of origin from the board. Plan your moves carefully, set up traps, and force your opponents to do your bidding.Multiple boards. There are several boards to choose from, ranging from a Simple – the 5×5 starter board – to Diffraction – a large board with limited travel between its two halves. New boards are periodically added, so things won’t get stale.An AI that can win. Dwindle has a challenging AI with multiple levels of difficulty. You can add any number of computer players to a game, each with its own level of difficulty. You can tune the challenge to your current level of skill.Endless possibilities. Between the multiple boards, the number of opponents, and the variable levels of difficulty, you can always find another way to pay. Mastered beating one player on Simple? Try two. Maybe move up to the Intermediate board.Test your wits against another person. Dwindle can be played against people instead of the computer. Create a private game to be played with a friend, or be matched with another player.Pause and resume anywhere. Create an account so you can stop your game on one device and continue it on another.No need to stare. Dwindle’s multiplayer mode can be played offline. Does your opponent take a long time to think? No problem. Just close the app and you’ll get a push notification when it’s your turn.Responsive developer. Dwindle’s development team is highly involved. Use the feedback button to tell us what you think and we’ll react as best we can, as quickly as we can. We love all kinds of feedback from “I LOVE THIS GAME” to “Can’t figure out X”. Regularly updated. Keep yourself entertained with new features and content delivered on a regular basis. Leaderboards, more sophisticated anonymous games, new boards with mind-bending properties, and new kinds of tiles, are all on the docket.Free, frictionless play. Dwindle is free to play, has no interstitial video ads, and requires no in-app purchases to get the full feature set.Try it now. If you like turn-based strategy games like Chess, Checkers, or Ploy, there’s a good chance you will enjoy Dwindle, too.

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How to use

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