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Free survival shooting game, take you to experience a real zombie war, absolutely can’t miss the doomsday zombie shooting game! Have you ever felt the fear of doomsday zombies up close? -Dawn crisis takes you into an exciting doomsday world of zombies. You can carry a submachine gun, carry out intense and exciting fighting, shoot wildly, and experience the thrill of a blow to the head!Exciting shooting strategy game· savage zombie opponents – some of the easier to kill zombies may be targets of snipers, but you need to keep shooting to deal with a group of powerful zombies.- awe inspiring sniper gun weapons to fight injustice. Your task is to survive this disaster!And you, as a lonely survivor, will do your best to survive!Pay attention to the zombies that appear from any corner at any time, use all the weapons you can use, and try to make your characters survive, killing hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of zombies, even zombie leaders;·Rich weapon system: rifles, pistols, sniper guns and throwing weapons make you fully armed and enjoy the pleasure of shooting!·The most challenging and rich combat levels, as well as rich rewards and rewards of resources;·Powerful zombie Army: a variety of unheard of evil spirit zombies, you need to constantly collect and build weapons, refit your guns, create the most personalized weapons, and protect yourself from being eaten;[game features]Courtesy of landingDaily login sign in for free diamond; free AK47 and other powerful weapons;Powerful weapons Supply DepotA variety of weapons and equipment for matching, heavy guns, assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers and so on, 6 categories of classic gun type, addictive shooting feel, you are military enthusiasts, weapons collection enthusiasts, there is always a big killer for you!Real bloody combat experienceShocking music, realistic gunfire, bloody and terrifying zombies, all arouse your desire to fight! Aiming at zombies, crazy output, a blow to the head! Shocking audio-visual effects depict the intense battle, enjoy the terrible end of the zombie world!Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dawn-Crisis-101603834654193

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How to use

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