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Colony commander is an indie strategy game which let’s you manage your own colony from it’s very beginning to a powerful and dominating colony.At first, you ill have to hire workers to operate your production units. Production units are powered by power plants and cost gold to build. Gold is produced by gold mines.Colonies needs to protect themselves by building strong defenses to stop enemy attacks. In addition, you will have to build and operate large arsenal of attack units to initiate various of attacks on your enemies. Attack units required soldiers to operate them.Take advantage of the natural resources around you and invest workers to mine them. Natural resources are valuable and worth a lot of gold. You can quick sell them for gold or trade them with devious traders around the world. They can also be used for research and development technologies. Natural resources can be traded with other colonies for gold or for other natural resources in the global market.Complete missions to earn valuable crystals and supply crates. Supply crates can contain gold, attack units and special attack units.Create or join clans to grow stronger and improve your dominance. Complete clan missions to earn crates.The colony is part of a country. Workers and soldiers tax rates are determined by wars. Your colony gold balance will be influenced directly from it. Higher level colonies can initiate wars against other countries and weaken them. Once a war is declared all the country colonies should take active role in wining the war. The world map offers information and different points of interests. Each country has information on tax rates and wars statistics. Also, pirates can be found. Attack them and gain reputation to avoid pirates attacks on your colony. Want to earn some gold or crystals? visit the roulette and wheel of fortune. They can give you a big boost of gold. Visit devious natural resource traders around the world, they can offer great deals or can deceive you.Experience a wide range of aspects in managing your own colony: economy, military, external affairs, wars and world adventures. Start building your colony today!

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