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Let’s get rid of the city’s threatening monsters with the guardian and annihilate the 10 latent bosses!— Game system —*Clear condition– To annihilate 10 bosses*Game over conditions– All the guardians are annihilated– Continue as long as you can escape– Assets are negative– Population will be 0— Main commands —*Town Investment: Increase population increasing every turn– As the population increases, revenue increases every turn*Recruit Investment: The number of selectable guardians increases*Investigation investment: the probability of discovery of enemy boss increases*Training investment: Increase in parameter rise during training*Strength strengthening: HP increase*Strengthen attack: Increase damage to enemy*Reinforcement: Reduce damage from enemies*Strengthened quickness: It is easier to avoid attacks from enemies*You can rest the guardians– At the same time as HP recovery, guardians are a little pleased*Make the new guardian a friend– The higher the recruit level, the more choices– Be careful when hiring a large number because the balance will be negative*You can check the guardian’s parameters*Bonus– The motivation of the guardian rises by giving a bonus*Special ability– Automatic recovery: HP recovers a small amount on attack– Critical: The amount of damage given to the enemy increases with probability– guts: when the HP becomes 0, it stays to 1 with probability– Experience bonus: Experience value can be obtained more than usual– [Attack, Defense, Rapidity] Bonus: Higher rise than usual at level up*Search– Find enemies currently discovered and a few enemies*Search carefully– Find the enemies currently discovered and a certain number of enemies*Search thoroughly– Find enemies currently discovered and enormous enemies– It is better not to choose when there is not enough room for the guardian’s combat strength*AutoBattle– On keeps fighting automatically– In the state of On, you can not escape, so let’s turn it off when it becomes dangerous*Fight– Attack each other once*Escape– If you are in danger, you can escape, but the population decreases according to the enemy’s strength– If you cut down the enemy’s HP even a little, the population decline will be stopped accordingly— Round Bonus —*Save up– Round bonus according to game contents at the end of the game (clear or game over)– Display video advertisement on title screen and earn*Use– Advertisement invalidation at the time of title transition: Advertisement deletion when moving to title– Added allocation parameter: Parameter to be assigned to character when “From beginning” is added– Initial [city, solicitation, training, exploration] Level: each level at the start increases– Initial guardian addition: The number of guardians at the start increases– As soon as the guardian increases too much, the balance will be negative, so be careful– Initial level increase: the level of the guardian at the start rises– Initial Population Addition: Population at the start increases– Increase initial funds: increase funds at the start— Hints and tips —*Defeat the enemy if you are in trouble with money– If you can afford the guardian’s fighting power, choose ‘thoroughly explore’*Let’s raise the search level after the guardian has grown to some extent– Increasing the search level increases the probability of boss appearance, so you can not win if you remain weak guardian*Keep the guardian motivated high– If the motivation goes down too much it runs away*Cherish the guardian you hire for the first time– Hiring afterwards will cost more*Strong new orb game bonus– It is difficult to clear in the first play, Let’s start in a strong state with the round bonus

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