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Circle of Life, winner of the 🏆Best Combinatorial Game Award🏆, is a strategy game where players evolve armies to defeat each other in a growing system.MULTIPLAYER: Now, you can play with your friends or anyone from entire world!👥🧠Despite 1-minute rules, the game recreates key aspects of real systems:It starts with simple army, which evolve to become more diverse and complex.Army get more complex as you go up the counting.Simple armies reproduce, die, and evolve at higher rates than more complex ones.When a armies’ population is high, another armies often evolves to defeat it.When a military at the top of the control chain dies, it feeds back into the bottom, to complete the Circle of Life.🎓 Rules:DefinitionsArmy: any connected group of same-color stones on the board is an army. A single stone is also an army.Circle of Life: surrounding the board is the Circle of Life, which shows how armies of different tactics win. Each tactics is defined by its shape and can defeat one other species, as indicated by arrows – if an arrow points from army A to armies B, then A can defeat B. All possible armies of up to 4 stones are represented on the Circle of Life.GameplayThe board begins empty. Players take turns. Each turn has two steps, taken in order:Evolve: you must place one stone of your color on any empty space, with one restriction: you may not make an army containing more than 4 stones.Defeat: an army you evolved in step 1 must defeat all enemy armies which are adjacent to it, per the Circle of Life. Remove defeated armies from the board.A player wins when she either can’t evolve on her turn (meaning she’s filled up the battlefield as much as possible), or has defeated at least 20 armies.More informations below:

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