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This is addicting tower defense game that lies inside human brain. Neurotransmitters fight in a war to defend the Brain with top strategy and a rush of inspiration. Build a defensive line with a powerful tower and defend your Realm – Brain. The destiny of the kingdom lies in your hands. Remember to use Fake Canady, because the less intelligent enemies get into it like zombies.Enemies are negative emotions and feelings coming from the real world. So you have to overcome envy, depression, anger and anxiety. For this purpose, you can use a Fake candy or Adrenaline and develop elemental brain functions.ALL TOWER DEFENSE RULES ARE IN THIS GAME!In the game you have to pass all 20 levels in which you will defend your realm, so you have to solve 20 problems that are currently playing in the brain. So this is the most amazing and innovative TD game on Android!The game is created by one person, so it belongs to the Indie genre. This is an advantage, because there are no specific restrictions here, as in games published by large studios.It is worth bearing in mind that the game has the best in the Tower Defense genre, but the most important advantage is that you can earn points without restrictions and it’s often addictive work. Motivation points are needed to improve your Kingdom and here you can go one level many times. You are not limited by time and you do not have to buy anything for real money.GAME FEATURES:- huge level maps;- many of different global upgrades that constantly affect each game!;- every level is endless, higher enemy waves give more glucose points;- made in the best traditions of TD genre;- completely free Indie style – No pay to win;- a simple and transparent scoring system;- it’s addicting.HOW TO PLAY?The rules are simple. On the right you have Power (glucose) for which you buy turrets. You place the turrets closest to the line where the enemies go. Use the Candy to lure enemies that are as weak as balloons in the sky. For every enemy killed you get glucose points and motivation points. You’ll buy royal upgrades for motivation points. This Brain is a hero who you must protect, He is the key to the whole kingdom. In biology; the transmission of information in the form of an electrical signal is possible due to the fact that all neurons are electrically excitable, i.e. capable of generating and conducting electrical potentialsWHY THIS IDEA FOR GAME?The motivation to create this game was the need to show that everyone can fight negative emotions. We want to show that these are ordinary chemical reactions in the brain caused by human thinking. However, we do not teach biology or psychology here. This game is an entertainment that only persistent players will finish ;-)Q&AIs this game for children?Yes and no. The game requires thinking and spending points on improvements.Is this game easy?Only first levels are easy. Then you have to think more.Do you have to pay for something?NO! You can finish this game yourself, without paying, but you have to work a little bit.Is this game to defend the castle?Yes and no. Because the brain is more than a castle. This is a powerful fortress, where the main commander is Neuron. In this game, he is the king!Do I need WiFi to play or download this game?No. You can play without wi-fi and download without access to WIfiWhat is the genre of this game?This is a Tower Defense strategy game. Additionally, the player can trade the conquered stars and exchange them for motivation points.Is this game for girls or for boys?This game is intended for men, women, youth and children. You do not need to have special skills to play it. You will learn quickly what the application is about.

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