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Hello, future Emperors and Empresses!Challenge yourself in the role of the young heir to the king, and manage to save your kingdom!Begin to restore the once thriving kingdom, and now – a small looted and burned down medieval town. Build new buildings, manage your citizens, upgrade your market, and trade, trade, trade…There is no one right decision for passing – you will have to build a winning strategy yourself (and if you have, let me know, I will remove it!)). During the game, you will have random events that may affect the course of affairs in your kingdom; every new year your farm will generate grain income depending on the yield; prices in your market will vary from year to year.Your court alchemist and scientist, Bernard, will help you develop your kingdom from a scientific point of view: do research, make improvements for your sawmills, mines, to protect your barns from fires and other invasions. (But money and resources will have to be allocated for this – it there another way?))Manage your people – achieve and maintain a high level of your authority among the people, because if people love their ruler, there are no problems with taxes 🤗 (and for those who read this comment: a good food ration is a guarantee of a good life and replenishment of your people 😉)And now what you can see in the game:• 6 building types• 7 trading resources• interesting themed music!• 5 difficulty levels• hiring army• random events• Difficulties in the process, but great feelings on the passage!• offline game – you can play it anywhere!• autosaving your progress in every any changes • interesting game statistic• two game modesPlanning to do soon: • ✅ full game statistic (for every your games and tries, it’s should be interesting to view)) • ⌛️ add sounds to the game • ✅ give my players the choice of the name for ruler• ⌛️ stabilization of the game design (I still do not fully know how the game should be displayed)))• new buildings, new improvements for alchemist’s laboratory, new tips and stories, new random events, new trade resources and reworked trade system• ✅ Creative game modeAnd a bit of history …1273 year.The wise king ruled the kingdom when the evil came.The Dark Emperor destroyed almost the entire kingdom, taking provisions, residents and gold with him. The king was murdered.For many centuries the dynasty of the Dark Emperors act ruthless on the Continent. Every 50 years they come, rob and kill the western kingdoms…You are young and the only true successor to the throne. Build your empire, revive the kingdom, by achieving success in the economy and building; cultivate goodwill with your inhabitants, in order to be able to resist the Dark Emperor when he comes.

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How to use

To use Become Emperor: Kingdom Revival hack, please follow the instructions below carefully:

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