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Featuring simplified real-time strategy spaceship combat, Arvoch Command offers focused player directed battles in a fully 3D environment. Arvoch Command is designed to be a chess-like game set in space with consistent weapon and spacecraft specs, equitable fleet arrangements, and role specific ship types. As the fleet commander, you are in charge of up to several capital ships and four unique smaller ship classes (Harvesters, Interceptors, Repair Drones, and Fighters). Select ships by class or highlighting by drawing a box over them on the screen. You can then issue orders to the selected ship(s) directing them to hold their position, fly to a waypoint, engage in combat/harvest/repair, or return to the command ship. To rebuild losses, the game features a build system that lets the ‘harvester’ ship class mine metal ore from nearby asteroids (when present) to provide material to the command ship for building new ships. Choosing which ships to build and when is part of the strategy in winning the battle. Different starting modes are available for variable initial fleet conditions. The objective is to destroy the enemy fleet and their command ship. With unbound view control, you can freely move around the combat area to view the battle from any perspective. Optional ship tracking lets you keep the view centered to a particular ship for closer observation and automatic alignment. An ‘Overhead’ view mode is also available to consistently view the battle area from directly above. To keep gameplay focused on space combat strategy and battle decisions, there are no ‘power ups’ or paid shortcuts. The game provides a consistent set of rules and gameplay conditions exclusively focused on in-game real time tactical combat decision making during battle. Only one in-app purchase is available to disable ads. Game Features:- Full 3D camera view control with both freeflight camera and ship tracking/centered modes.- Configure Battle mode that lets you quickly set up your own custom scenarios with desired ship, location, environment, and other options for adjustable difficulty and variety.- Campaign Battle mode with 20 battles that span the four systems in the game and increase in difficulty to provide an optional challenge with pre-configured scenarios.- Unique behaviors and actions for each ship class including mining/delivering resources for building, intercepting enemy missiles, repairing damaged fleet ships, and focused combat.- Efficient quick access UI with View Control, Ship Selection, Build Type, Waypoint Selection, and Ship Tracking modes available in a single tap/click.- HUD overlay and command console that provide a comprehensive overview on battle conditions and status including command ship damage, individual ship damage levels, ship selection highlighting, recovered metal ore, build status, and event messages.- AI and graphics systems designed for optimal performance with many battle entities, even on weaker smartphones and tablets.- Ship selection via either class group or by swiping across the screen to highlight desired ships with a visible box.- Animated explosions, beam weapons, missiles, and more provide a solid set of visual effects.- Engaging optional music shared by the first person PC space combat simulation Arvoch Alliance. Positive/constructive feedback and good relevant reviews will help direct possible future development and/or availability.

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